What we do for Vendors

We can help you to sell your products online by placing them in our exclusive online market place.

Speaking-Inc.’s marketing programmes and partnership schemes provide high visibility and outreach for vendors products to: schools, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, corporations and consumers at large. The marketing strategies employed include:

  • public relations by type of product and company
  • trade shows to the appropriate audiences
  • advertising opportunities for vendors
  • e marketing and search engine optimisation of your products to drive revenue and delivery of these products. The visibility for innovators is achieved through our consulting professional organization at WikiSpeaking, thereby, each product going to market, and is endorsed by experts. We encourage vendors to create relationships with our communication experts and through training and education.

You need to bring your product to our attention by registering on our site and completing an application describing it in more detail.

Our expert team will review your submission and contact you for more details to see if it meets our standards and functional performance needs for our clients.

  • If you have an idea about a product not yet created and want to collaborate with others to create it- we can help with that also.
  • If your product matches our needs and is accepted, we will each sign a reseller agreement and add your product to our online web store for purchase.

Our increased sales are your increased sales and we are both helping others improve communication!