What we do for Communication Experts

  • Speaking-Inc. brings together a family of experts from many professional fields to ONE online HUB . Each Independent Contractor (IC) contributor is passionate about helping improve human communication. Consultants apply to be considered for affiliation with Speaking-Inc. Consultants’ background may include: Accent Reduction Coaching, ESOL instructors, International Business Communication consultants, Speech Pathology, Linguistics, Voice and Diction coaches, Special Education teachers, Business Writing experts and more.
  • We provide professional consultations to increase global access   for all those in need of guidance and new resources to improve communication, whether polishing “normal” communication, or improving impaired communication, using a business model of service that is not based on a medical or clinical model and is not “therapy”.
  • If a participating consultant sees the need to provide formal speech therapy services for a client, a referral may be made to a local speech pathologist who meets all regulatory requirements including certifications and licensing in that region. In some cases, that qualified provider may be the same consultant at Speaking-Inc.
  • Speaking-Inc. does not accept insurance for payment. Clients may select the level of expert they need for their communication consultation. We offer three levels: Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each expert level has a different fee for the hourly service. Clients will select the number of sessions they would like, which days the sessions will occur and what time, according to their needs.
  • Participating communication expert consultants will provide and maintain a minimum of 10 billable hours of service per week to be given access to our state-of the art, collaborative community, online platform for service delivery, course creation, and live video training sessions.