Medically Speaking Rules


This program will help you to focus on Pronunciation of difficult consonants and vowels, Stress and intonation patterns of words and sentences and Idiomatic expressions and slang.

Results of this program will be; Improved communication with patients and colleagues, Increased productivity, Increased self confidence and esteem and Career growth and opportunities.

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Medically Speaking Rules: Rules for Using Linguistic Elements of Speech

By Lynda Katz Wilner & Marjorie Feinstein-Whittaker

Medically Speaking RULES (MS RULES) is a resource and interactive workbook enhancing concepts taught in the Medically Speaking program. It provides extension activities for units in Medically Speaking, (e.g. compound nouns, heteronyms, question patterns), and 60 more idiomatic expressions with activities. Features that are unique to MS RULES are units on acronyms and initializations, numbers, articles, and other RULES to master the intonation patterns of American English. Many of the exercises have selected items on the audio CDs for practice. Activities and resources such as the Introduction Scripts, Strategies for Effective Communication, Telephone Tips and, most importantly, sound-loaded paragraphs that are medical/health care scenarios for 29 sounds and vowels provide enrichment to the basics learned in Medically Speaking.

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