HCFA 2000 For Forms 700 & 701 Single Computer


HCFA 2000 For Forms 700 & 701 licensed for installation on a single computer.

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Product Description

• Automatically remembers and enters
Provider Name and Provider Number
• 700 forms are automatically converted to 701 forms
• Text typed in any section can be saved for retrieval at a later date
• Spell-checker that allows you to add your ‘professional’ vocabulary to the dic- tionary
• Print part of a form to accommodate physician signatures and then at the end of the treatment period print the rest of the form
• Use one patient’s form to start another patient’s form
• Save your ICD-9 codes and diagnoses so that you can recall them from a list
• Define macros for easy text insertion
• Choose your own font

Requirements: Windows XP, Vista, 7

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