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Would you like to be on our Blog Team? We are currently searching for contributions from Educators, Reading Specialists, Language Learning Teachers, Voice Experts, Medical Experts in ENT, Speech Coaches, Sensory Integration Experts, Neurologists, Degenerative Disease Experts, Alzheimer’s/Dementia Specialists, Pragmatic Language Professionals for Bullying and Autism. If you would like to contribute to our Blog […]

American English

Have you thought about how we can reach out to more people who want or need to achieve more success in life? Standard American English is the pathway to that success! And the good news is we have one of the most seasoned ESL Trainers in the world! Also, if you are an expert in […]

Accent Modification

Giving the most comprehensive services to children and adults who speak English as their Second Language, we know how to modify accents to serve these individuals´ needs. We can refer you to some of the most experienced SLPs working in accent modification on our team. If you are a provider of these services, or have […]


Speech/Language experts may play a crucial role in supporting those struggling with dysfluency, targeting the areas of the muscles that show tension, which in turn contributes to the severity of dysfluency. When we target emotions and feelings that trigger dysfluency, we can combine strategies for greater success. If you want to be part of this […]

Want to Teach or Train Online?

If you have a training program that you are using or you would like to offer through our state-of-the-art e-learning platform, we can provide you with another outlet to expose your product/service to more clients around the world. We can help you realize your financial and professional goals. We look forward to hearing from you!

Serve as Bridge to Others

Signs and more signs open the world of hospitality by using hard of hearing services in customer care of individuals with hearing impairment- Trained employees in sign language will open new revenue streams too. Please help us provide some leads to attain this in your company, contact us!

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Whether you simply want to submit your talents/expertise, or just become involved, WikiSpeaking is committed to providing access to people in need or want. We are bigger than just one profession. We have talents that need to be expanded so that we can “Bring Communication to Life and Life into communication.” Please contact us here […]

Communications Experts

Do you work with parenting communication, corporate coaching, or with the disabled or abled, or are engaged with TESOL, or live in the world of accents? There are millions out there who need your skills and programs, please contact us, voice your opinions here in this blog, write __________, our ESL specialist, at ________________, or […]

Language for Specific Purposes

Are you a linguistic, voice coach, a specialist in life skills? Do you work with bullying issues? WikiSpeaking has a home for you. We want you to spread your wings professionally and personally. Please contact us here!

Products and Services Provider

The launch of WikiSpeaking is a revolutionary approach to the delivery of services and products addressing the needs of our global community. You can be a part of it , please contact us today!