How we work with Vendors

The global communication community is split into vertical sectors : ESOL, linguistics, reading, writing, comprehension, speaking, habilitation and rehabilitation for neurological conditions, etc., create innovative, state-of-the art tools to address these needs.

It is therefore difficult for suppliers and vendors to reach the whole communication sector  Speaking-Inc., in conjunction with its service division, WikiSpeaking, has solved this problem by creating superior access for everyone, whether they are disabled clients, professionals or vendors.

Our commitment to vendors includes:

  • To provide a market place and community where vendors can meet professionals and increase the visibility of their products
  • To facilitating communication between clients, professionals and vendors to the benefits of the whole global communication community
  • To increase not just visibility but sales of products allowing vendors resources to be better used for research and product development
  • To provide these facilities and resources at the highest possible levels of service and professional excellence

Speaking-Inc.’s marketing programmes and partnership schemes provide high visibility and outreach for vendors products to: schools, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, corporations and consumers at large. The marketing strategies employed include:

  • public relations by type of product and company
  • trade shows to the appropriate audiences
  • advertising opportunities for vendors
  • e marketing and search engine optimisation of your products to drive revenue and delivery of these products. The visibility for innovators is achieved through our consulting professional organization at WikiSpeaking, thereby, each product going to market, and is endorsed by experts. We encourage vendors to create relationships with our communication experts and through training and education.