How we work with Corporate Clients

Every corporation is like an individual and everyone in a corporation has a voice and the responsibility to communicate the one message of the company. Individuals who set the tone for the company are critical in creating a customised proposal by Speaking-Inc. Depending on the size or divisions of the corporation or executive group, the proposal for service will occur on site. We use a variety of talent based on the needs of the corporation. Some of the areas that might be addressed include: cross cultural communication, soft skills, accent reduction, non-verbal cues, business writing, presentation skills but always bearing in mind return on investment and overall corporate goals and objectives.

We survey the the client’s organisation and objectives, it’s market position and major competitors to analyse messaging, brand values and recognition assess which messages are reaching which target groups. This 360 survey produces data on which to base our needs analysis and recommendations.

Speaking-Inc. will contact you to conduct a needs analysis at no charge. Following the needs analysis, we will create a team to closely matching the needs of the client and to create a comprehensive customised proposal. Speaking-Inc. is results oriented. We are dedicated to what we do. We meet the objectives of the companies we serve and we always react to changing situations to meet the expectations of the client.

We can deliver training onsite, in third party venues, online, individually or in groups at any time day or night to suit collective and individual needs.