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“We Breathe Communication into LIFE and LIFE into Communication”

WikiSpeaking, a division of Speaking-Inc., was created through the passion and determination of our visionary founder and career speech therapist, Ms. Leslie Zeidel-Londer, to help people habilitate, or rehabilitate, their natural human desire to communicate.

The human drive to communicate effectively through speech is strong and WikiSpeaking provides technologically advanced solutions, a comprehensive wealth of resources and a range of products that unite speech therapy professionals with clients anywhere in the world to effectively facilitate language development, speech habilitation and rehabilitation, and all phases of corporate communication.

WikiSpeaking is the premier portal for all speech related needs, unifying a diverse group of communication professionals from all relevant fields. It serves as the industry’s central hub for the professionals and clients of the speech communication global community, making accessible the tools, support and ‘live’ interaction to facilitate improved communication for a wider audience.

Whether searching for a speech consultant to facilitate your life or business goals, or whether you are a professional speech consultant reaching out to your clients, contact us today to learn how WikiSpeaking can bring life to your communication.