• GemIIni video modeling allows the user to create customized learning sessions in minutes through access to a vast video library of individual sounds, words, concepts or social situations. These videos are all high-definition, professionally filmed and edited clips that are designed to focus exclusively on the word or concept being taught.
  • Choose up to twenty individual video clips from our library and combine them to create a video therapy session that includes EXACTLY the words or concept your student is working to master. These sessions can be rearranged, augmented, tested, and even archived for future use and reference.
  • We have thousands of rendered videos for common objects, verbs and social situations and we will be adding hundreds of new words every month.
  • We also have academic subjects like math facts and multiplication, geography and grammar. GemIIni starts in early preschool with animal sounds and goes up through high school with SAT level vocabulary. Children are able to receive highly-effective language therapy at home, over a smart phone, in school, or anywhere there is Internet.

The cost of the GemIIni Subscription Service is $30.00 a month.