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Accent Modification

Giving the most comprehensive services to children and adults who speak English as their Second Language, we know how to modify accents to serve these individuals´ needs. We can refer you to some of the most experienced SLPs working in accent modification on our team. If you are a provider of these services, or have […]


Speech/Language experts may play a crucial role in supporting those struggling with dysfluency, targeting the areas of the muscles that show tension, which in turn contributes to the severity of dysfluency. When we target emotions and feelings that trigger dysfluency, we can combine strategies for greater success. If you want to be part of this […]

Offer your Services through us

Whether you simply want to submit your talents/expertise, or just become involved, WikiSpeaking is committed to providing access to people in need or want. We are bigger than just one profession. We have talents that need to be expanded so that we can “Bring Communication to Life and Life into communication.” Please contact us here […]