About Us

What are we about?

Speaking-Inc. was created by the passion and determination of our visionary founder, Ms. Leslie Zeidel-Londer, to help people habilitate, or rehabilitate, their natural human desire to communicate. The human drive to communicate effectively through speech is very strong.

Having master’s degrees in speech language pathology and marketing and being the founder of multiple successful speech/communication based companies, Ms. Zeidel-Londer has been recognized in the industry as a transformational creator, leader and advocate for people in need around the world. The speech therapeutic industry suffers fragmentation of its professionals and a disintegration of the technologically advanced therapeutic software, products and solutions. With this realization…

Speaking-Inc. was formed with the mission to integrate the community of speech communication professionals together with the universe of therapeutically advanced, self- help software products that can be accessible to the global community. Our comprehensive wealth of resources is designed to effectively facilitate language development, speech habilitation and rehabilitation, as well as all phases of corporate communication. Speaking-Inc.com is the premier portal for all speech related needs, unifying a diverse group of communication professionals from all relevant fields. It serves as the industry’s central hub for the professionals and clients of the speech communication global community.